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My $102 Mistake
May 30, 2008, 8:47 pm
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Sunday, April 13, 2008

My $102 Mistake

Tonight, doing what it is I do at Morton’s, I made an error, and served someone the wrong bottle on our wine list. The gentleman ordered a Malbec, a type of red wine from Argentina…and low and behold, we have a few different versions of Malbec on hand, and I did not ask him for the bin number on his bottle, even though he pointed at the one he wanted. Anyways, the bottle he presumes he tried to order costed $45..and I served him another bottle that sells for $147.
And I paid the difference.
My other option would have been to be written up. I was not down with that for a few reasons…one being that it was MY fault…Morton’s didn’t do anything wrong…I should have not been afraid to get that guy to be really detailed when ordering. I get intimidated due to my utter ignorance in wine, and the guy was busy talking to his table-mates, and I didn’t want to bug him further…I assumed. A second reason is I just got started…and I don’t think folks get too many $102 dollar write-ups under their belt…so I went ahead and paid it.
The way I am, (I can only imagine most people are, but I know from some friends, some people are NOT this way, ) but that $102 is likely going to be a PERMANENT lesson to me. I am so deal motivated in my buying decisions, so paying the balance on some cats super expensive bottle of wine left a serious tatoo on my brain. I don’ care…I am triple checking that crap from now on!
As a side note, while the guy was drinking it, he could not stop talking about how good the wine was. I don’t understand paying $147 for any bottle of culinary liquid, but, I guess that helps explain a ‘fine’ wine from a normal wine. He was enthralled.


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