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Proof That God Likes You Volume II : The Sonic Care Toothbrush
July 31, 2008, 1:25 pm
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Last week, my epic wife, Danielle, scoring birthday gift cards and cash, decided to go for it and purchase the Sonicare tooth cleaning system.
Score we did.

The emotions of my teeth are soaring now that they feel like they get that great dentist cleaning every time I brush, only without my dentist abusing my mouth with his various nefarious tools of destruction.  (I love dentists…and going to the dentist…I am merely saying it is just a much more gentle experience with the Sonicare brush while not having the dental hand tools grinding in my mouth.)

Now, historically, I have been a get a soft-headed toothbrush at the dollar store kind of man.  Anyone who knows me knows that while my family has all of our basic needs met, I don’t really feel like I have rich tastes in life, and that I am motivated by cheap bargains.  That being said, I am a convert to my wife paying $125 or whatever it was to getting this thing.  It’s like getting a tooth massage three times a day, and it makes you feel uber-healthy.  (I don’t know how to do the keystroke to get ‘uber’ typed right.)

Bottom line is I HIGHLY recommend this product.  If you are like me,and liked the idea, but always held off because  of  that insane price tag…trust me.  If you have to go mow a few lawns, or if you are an Oregonian, collect pop cans door to door for the deposit money, you want to do it to afford the glorious Sonicare lifestyle.

I take the Sonicare brush as further proof that there is a God, and that He is crazy about us, and really likes us.  Despite our despicable diets and how we rot our teeth, He still wants to get great tools like this in our hands to take care of them well.


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