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Proof that God Likes You Volume III: Fruit Stix
August 18, 2008, 7:18 pm
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So this summer, shopping at the store, I have ran into Frutstix. These products provide ample and further ammo in my blog series, “Proof that God Likes You.” Again, this series is based on the premise that with the wonderful items I talk about, they act as yet another sign that God is real, and that He likes humanity, and displays that by letting such great products be made.

So, today, I was talking with Carolyn at our group that meets on Sundays, and I confessed to her how I stinking hate ‘healthy’ desserts and what not, because they always taste like crap compared to the real deal. I mean, I HATE watered down treats. I’d rather just not eat them, and if I am gonna eat a treat, give it to me raw and real…as Def Leopard so gloriously sings, ‘Pour Some Sugar On Me.’

Frutstix are the first treats I have ever had that have natural sugar, (so, it is relatively low compared to other treats of their nature with the high fructose corn syrup and the like) and doesn’t taste AT ALL like you are getting hosed with nutrasweet or blandness or anything like that. Furthermore, only desiring the best for any readers of this blog, I have taken it upon myself to provide due diligence by thoroughly, and often times, repeatedly sampling every flavor Frutstix has in their arsenal of frozen treats on a stick. They ALL ROCK harder than AC/DC in the linked video.

Now, let’s say you are a real crazy specimen, and you say, “OK, Gunnar, great, but I only eat organic. I keep it real like that.” Fair enough…but you might want to check yourself before you wreck yourself, because Frutstix also has organic options under their belt. Oh yes, it is true.

Seriously, I DARE you to get one of their creamy banana pops, and while eating it, honestly deny that God doesn’t like you. I’m telling you, it will be incredibly challenging. Those bars are just that good. And then eat three in one sitting like I did last night when it was 100 degrees in Portland…(Yes, I don’t know how that happens…100 in Portland…) and you will be rolling around on the ground knowing you are loved by forces in the universe beyond your full comprehension.


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I have not had a chance to give these fruit-things a whirl, but they are now on my list of TTD for the week.

Still enjoying your blog,
Grandma Annette

Comment by Annette

I like your writing a lot. Hey my email is the same, I again changes my phone and lost all my numbers, so maybe you could also send me your number!

Comment by April Reynolds

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