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The Actual “Oregon Duck” is far from Wussie…
September 21, 2008, 6:17 am
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This blogpost title is more than sufficient to warn you if you don’t want to go here…so it is your fault if you end up dissappointed about it and wanted something more spiritual…

This week, My great Oregon Duck fan-friend, Eric McGregor and I, discussed the virtues and ‘downfalls’ of having our favorite team’s mascot be a Duck vs. having tougher sounding school mascot names, such as being a  Florida Gator, Michigan Wolverine, etc.

However, this point is abosolutely crucial: there  is a difference between having a tough name and actually being tough.

Case in point, this video:

Yes, from last year, this is a collection of infamous clips when the Duck mascot puts a literal beatdown on the Houston Couger.  Now, in the animal kingdom, anyone would agree that a couger would total obliterate a Duck.  But in the reality of college football mascots…it is way different.

Would I rather go around with a tough name and be a wussie…or go around named kind of weak, but be a serious weapon of kicking rear end.  Seriously, I’ll take option B…the way of the Oregon Duck.  Keep in mind, my whole life I have had a ‘tough’ name….Gunnar…but I have never really been a fighter.  And from my personal perspective, I would rather walk the walk than just have the tough name.  When was the last time your ‘tough’ named mascot backed it up with serious physical force and trauma?

As a side note, I would like  to pay some respects to Eric McGregor…I think it would be impossible to find a clear-cut, bigger Duck fan than Eric on the planet.  If I didn’t know any better, I half suspect that it was him in the Duck outfit that layed the smack down on that cougar.


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