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My Blog that is under construction, Part 2
October 13, 2008, 7:42 pm
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Right now, I am working through some things, and hopefully some others, on expressing some thougts pondering the Student Loan system in the U.S., and what I believe are some absolutely dangerous and horrible consequences of it.  Much of the thoughts that I will be expressing, I honestly have not heard others express, although I can only guess there are those that  have.  While I certainly do not intentionally want to offend anyone with these thoughts, I am aware that the concept of education is such a big topic to some folks, and I have resigned that I cannot be ignorant to the idea my thoughts may rattle some.

As a warm up, one of my basic premises is that, just like the loan system we have been running with for homes hit a bubble, I would say even more so with school loans.  As many of us have noticed, the annual increase in expenses for a college education has soared way beyond the inflation across many other sectors, for many, many years now.  (Even way beyond the real, actualized rates of inflation, not just some of the bogus  government ones that have zero practical relevance in the ‘real world.’

What is even scarier to me is that I have anyone mention such a thing…which means it could still go on.  We print up money from thin air, basically, to give students loans, (and they have  to have virtually ZERO qualifiers for these loans, may I add…no job, assets, anything!), and that money gets thrown at the colleges.  Anyone wonder why ‘collegiate inflation’ runs so high?  Maybe it is because we keep on ‘printing up money’ to throw at it, and we consider it our ‘right’ to get these student loans.  What if colleges had to run on the free market, where people scrapped together for their educations, in a world where the student loan never came into play?  Yep.  That is right.  College wouldn’t be anywhere near as expensive.

There  is so much more that I will bring into play, but that is the introduction of some things that are cooking.


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