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Restaurant Review: Syun Izakaya
June 20, 2009, 8:00 pm
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Located in the old library in downtown Hillsboro, diagonally across the street from the courthouse, this place is it.  Period.  I have not seen a Japanese restaurant counterpart in the Portland area, myself that can match this. (It may exist, I just have not met it!) And it is in downtown Hillsboro!

I just ate here again tonight, and I believe it was my eighth time there.  The restaurant has switched the menu around a bit over time, now being a style of Japanese pub that serves up small dishes instead of entrees, with sharing encouraged.  No matter, just as my first visit there up until know, I have not encountered a dish there that is anything less than outstanding.

Of particular note, I am a smoked salmon connoiseur of sorts, and their sashimi plate of salmon is the absolute best, hands down, I can find anywhere .  Incredibly rich and buttery, I could eat about 6 plates of that alone.

The sushi here can match anyone’s, and while they have won awards for it several times from Citisearch, don’t let it distract you from going all out with the fantastic salads, appetizer dishes, and anything else they offer.  And there is no way you can afford to miss desert.  Every one of them, (I know, personally) is worth it.

If you really want to give Syun Izakaya justice, make reservations for 6 to 8, and order most all of the menu to share.

While you can drop some money on the spirits, wine, and saki here, the food is unbelievably priced when compared with the presentation and quality the restaurant offers.  Danielle and I had an wonderful dinner for only $43, which plenty of selection to share.  With 6 to 8 people splitting the bill, you can live large while not dropping too much dough.


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