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Receiving Part 1
February 10, 2015, 1:39 pm
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And my God will meet all your needs according to the riches of his glory in Christ Jesus.-Philippians 4:19

Going to be looking at the topic of receiving for a bit, as I feel it is actually a healthy anchor in our lives in the formation of us being able to give well and wholeheartedly. In the above verse from Philippians, Pau was finishing sharing on his joy in receiving from the Philippian church.  We are so blessed to have this rich passage!  I am excited to think of what some of us here in Nashville may think of while pondering the above verse.  Hoping to keep these blogposts short and digestible, and whoever would like, please comment and contribute. There is going to be a lot of life to be had from you all!
When I had first started out traveling full time sharing at churches, youth camps, and whoever would have me, an elderly lady came up to me after I had spoke, and palmed me $20.  I remember my pride kicking in immediately.  (I did not call it pride at that point.)  I complained to God, that He had an elderly lady, who I immediately labeled as likely poor, barely getting along, and living on rice and beans, needing that $20 bill more than me.  While I tried to convince her to take it back,  she would have nothing to do with it, and was quite upset.  It reached a point where I knew to push the matter any longer would cause my much larger at the time fear of man to kick in and I was worried about looking bad in front of people, so I thanked her and received it and walked away. #fulldisclosure
I wish I could have given a pep talk to that young Gunnar before hand.
I would say things such as, “You have no idea how much money she does or does not have.  She could have millions for all you know.” “What if God wanted to use her to bless you and see an older generation pour into a younger one as a picture of Father God, and you receive the blessing as such?” “Why did I have to take a stance to make it incredibly hard for someone to express faith?”  “Why did I have to shake down and attempt to judge the giver and not see the giver as Christ as opposed to (dis)respecting the person?”  “Why are you insinuating that she is foolish and wrong in giving, and you are so wise?” I could go on and on.
Several thoughts can springboard from this, and I am sure these ideas are far from exhaustive of the subject.  It is important to receive well, in order to express faith well in those giving.  Because if I am dead set on seeing Christ in all, I had better do it in a case like that, for sure! I am selfish when I feel the receiving is just about me, it has as much to do, and frankly, maybe even more to do, with that God is doing in and through the person who is giving! I want to be a conduit for the Lord’s life and receive their gift, not a roadblock!


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