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Receiving Part 3: Guest Post, Shanda Scherdin
February 16, 2015, 1:27 am
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This here is Shanda sharing on receiving some incredible gifts, in a timely way.  Enjoy, and of course if you like, leave a comment for discussion.

I have numerous stories about receiving from the Lord, through the generosity of saints. For the moment, I’ll tell you just one; though, I could honestly fill hours, maybe even days, with such stories.
When my dad passed away, I was 21 and had a year left of college. My brothers were 18 and 11. My mom was suddenly a widow, and a single mom facing some very significant financial burdens. Without asking anyone for a thing, thousands of dollars streamed into our mailbox. That in itself was overwhelming but it didn’t stop there. Some men from my mom’s church came and asked how they could help. She shared with them that, without my dad around, she did not feel safe driving her current vehicle (He’d been keeping it running, but just barely.) and was going to need to find something else. She told them she couldn’t afford much and asked that they help her look for something cheap but also dependable. A week later, they contacted her and told her that they’d been searching for cars and had negotiated a good deal with a seller. They were having the car checked out by a mechanic, and if he gave his stamp of approval and if she liked the car, 6 families in the church were going to be purchasing this car FOR my mom and also paying for a tune-up before handing it over to her.
Hearing that news brought such relief to our family, not only because a very real need was provided, but also because we suddenly felt so much less ALONE in our struggle. We knew we were more than cared for and loved. I was stunned by this very real display of the Church caring for widows.
A few days passed and I received an email from a friend/mentor at my University. She asked, “Will you have a car at school in the Fall?” I responded that I was trying to buy a friend’s old car, which she knew was run down. She told me, “Don’t buy that car.” I had no idea where this conversation was coming from until I saw her the following week. She asked me if I knew how to drive stick and when I said I didn’t, she said, “Well, I’ll teach you. You’re going to need to know because I just bought a new car, and I’m giving you my old one. You’ve blessed me with the way you’re responding to the loss of your father, and I feel led to bless you and your family by giving you the ability to go home and see them on the weekends in a good, dependable car.” I tried to pay her what I had, but she wouldn’t take it.
TWO CARS. The Lord provided my family with TWO cars in a matter of days! One car was overwhelming. TWO was… well, I still don’t have words for it ten years later.
Receiving so much from so many is very humbling, in the most precious of ways. It taught me, in a very tangible way, that nothing I “own” is really mine, but that it all comes from the Lord, in one way or another. Seeing Him provide in these ways and COUNTLESS others in my lifetime has made opportunities to GIVE, to share what the Lord has let me hold on to for a while, very meaningful to me.

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Beautiful, Shanders. Really cool that you can remember this to point to Christ’s provision in your life and our lives in the future.

Comment by Tyler

I love this testimony. I hate that it was hard. I love how in our hard days, He is faithful. So, so, so faithful. Wow.

Comment by gunnarblog

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