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Receiving Part 4-Guest Heather Proctor
February 20, 2015, 2:00 am
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It seems we have a common theme here with people receiving cars. And this intrigues me.  I think there can be a lot of symbolism from the Lord when it comes to our home.  Doesn’t have to be, but oftentimes, I think I see it.  I think the same about a car to, a tool that helps us ‘get to where we are going, to get back and forth’ etc.  Heather’s contribution, while a wonderful gift, explains how sometimes, it can be very trying to receive! Yet HP stepped up! This is great, I love it!

She was always concerned about my car.  She always asked when my last oil change was and if I needed new tires.  I reminded her she just bought me new tires two months ago and that my oil change was due the next month.  My car would make the 12 hour drive to visit her for the holidays.

Cars age, as did my grandmother, and while it was still a great car that would get me around town, I started flying home because the 12 hour trip seemed a little to harsh on it.  She’d continue to ask me about tired and oil changes and if I had enough money for gas.

When she passed away, I flew home for her funeral.  My family celebrated her life by remembering her funny moments, talking about the things we’d miss and how do we make her tarts or lemon bars?  Did we have those recipes?

My grandmother left an inheritance for her daughters.  My mother told me she wanted to buy me a car, knowing that my grandmother was always concerned about mine.  After a few test drives and a lot “No, I want this.” and “But your grandparents always drove Buicks”  Buick came out with a new car.  The 2013 Buick Encore.  It is zippy and I love it.   But I thought it too much money.

My mother paid cash for this car for me.  She even made sure it had the sunroof I wanted. It was very humbling to see her write the check.  I realized that in all the back and forth we had went through, she wanted to give me the best.  I was willing to settle for something less than. She had a standard for giving that took me a while to receive.  She had learned it from my grandmother. – Heather Proctor

Gunnar here again…please share and comment if you have anything you think of that involved receiving something significant, that was hard to just receive.  What did God do in your heart on that?  I believe hearing and knowing these things are gonna help us all in this next season.


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Good stuff, HP. Displays how Jesus surpasses our dreams and expectations and WISHDREAMS in crazy ways. It’s always better HIS way. Timely for us right now. Lovies.

Comment by Tyler

I loved all of this, but I loved how your grandmother was always concerned about your car, and her concern was honored even after her passing. How much so for us, with our Father, who is always alive, always present, always real-may His desires for us and His concerns be manifest!

Comment by gunnarblog

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