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Receiving Part 6: An alabaster jar of perfume
February 28, 2015, 8:55 am
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This passage came to my mind about a week ago as I pondered the importance of receiving, as Christ receives.  Wow, how He humbled Himself in Matthew 26 and showed us some things.

In the past, I have perhaps made a mistake by focusing heavily on the deity of Christ while reading this passage, while being ignorant to the fact that He is all human flesh here as well.  Dwelling on that has really challenged me and opened me up to some things.  Here are some observations from Matt 26:6-13 I have made thus far. (Please, please feel free to comment or share any you have in the comments section as well!)

1. Obviously, this perfume was worth crazy $$.  Jesus knew his physical body was about to die.  So, practically speaking, one could say, what a waste…but Jesus OVERWHELMINGLY receives the gift, and defends the gift against opposition to boot!

2. The disciples had a great intellectual point: this could go a long, long way to serving the poor.  And Jesus, as God, AND AS MAN, receives it anyways.

3. Did Jesus absolutely NEED to have that happen? I would say that technically, no, He didn’t.  Yet He received it.

4. Did Jesus feel compelled to have a woman take what was likely her most valuable monetary possession,  and pour it out on Him, realizing SHE may have needed Him to give her the confidence she needed in her giving?  Hmm.  She went WAY out on the limb here…and Jesus meets her in it.  Despite the doubt of it from His own disciples, He then commends her greatly and lets her story take place in the cannon of scripture and her gift to be made known forever.  And she never knew it would leave that room!

5. Is perhaps part of why we have this story in scripture because at times we as well are called to give something extravagant, above and beyond, and in the natural, it may even seem wasteful to some, and not even make sense, and in our minds we could think of tons of different stuff we could do with it…but if we are honest with ourselves, our love for Him, our heart for Him, our gratefulness for Him overrides our natural thinking, and despite even well meaning folks, we lavish Him with such a gift.

6. What if that gift we lavish on Him takes the form of giving it to His very body, saints amongst us today?

7.  What if our reasoning says, “My goodness, I see NO practical, good reason to do that!” But the Spirit woos.

8. What if the radical faith you express through giving is being longed to be embraced and supported by Christ, and it would be a story that would be told for generations?

9 Note for Mark Champion: giving someone a bottle of Drakkar Noir is not the same as this passage, not even a really big botte. 🙂

10. What if God is preparing you (and us) to receive as He received this way? Could you do it? Could you decide to harbor Christ in you and express Him in this way? That one could lavish on Him through you? Even if you don’t deserve it.  Even if you think you don’t need it?  Could you enable and empower the faith of the person giving it to you?

11. Would like to end with this verse: John 21.25-“Jesus did many other things as well. If every one of them were written down, I suppose that even the whole world would not have room for the books that would be written.” -and my thought, He is STILL doing incredible, gracious, good, amazing despite ourselves things amongst us today! Let it be!


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